Mature investment with highly qualified professionals and sophisticated infrastructure.

We have an excellent track record of building and transforming our investments into national and international industry leaders. Our experienced investment professionals operate from team-based values. We know that the key to building a successful enterprise is a long-term focus on its core strengths. Our approach is to take a proactive role in our portfolio companies and on top of actively participating through the Board of Directors we also have a very hands-on approach to executing on the identified strategy for our companies.

We have identified, funded and helped many investors and companies to commercial success, and some to profitable exits. We look for driven, ambitious entrepreneurs, willing to go the extra mile to build a successful venture.

It is our vision to continue growing by keeping an exceptional hands-on approach and acting with precision when opportunity emerges. We strive to create solid returns for our investors and the investor is always our primary focus. Our ambition is to always support our clients with the best advice and products and to do that with an accountable and ethical approach to business.


After 1 day

  • Profit: 101% - 130%
  • Investment Payout: After 1 Day
  • Minimum Invest: $10
  • Maximum Invest: $100 000
  • Principal Return: No
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After 3 Days

  • Profit: 140% - 420%
  • Investment Payout: After 3 Days
  • Minimum Invest: $300
  • Maximum Invest: $100 000
  • Principal Return: No
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After 5 Days

  • Profit: 580% - 640%
  • Investment Payout: After 5 Days
  • Minimum Invest: $1001
  • Maximum Invest: $100 000
  • Principal Return: No
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Varma Fund

We think long-term, but also pursue opportunities arising along the way.

We are focused on finding the right solutions for our clients by carefully considering their needs and requirements. We leverage over 10 years of experience, enabling us to find new perspectives together to forge strategies ​that support our clients in reaching their goals. We are rooted with a deep sense of responsibility towards our clients, our team and our investments. Our investment approach is anchored in thorough analyses, objective insights and structured, repeatable processes.

We built a wide and strong network of private investors, investment companies, Venture Capital institutions and networks, banks and other capital and funding sources. The group now has investments on six continents, ranging from manufacturing and trading to land, forestry, real estate and finance.

Our lean decision-making process and our agile corporate structure allow us to make decisions and commitments in real time, as our key decision makers are directly involved in evaluating potential investment opportunities and developing our group holdings.